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This is a difficult theme to cover, read and write about. Our May discussion will focus on the...

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Our January, 2019 discussion topic is sand. Yes, that’s correct. While we think of sand as...

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Hi Everyone – Our November-December 2018 topic is cars. With so much out there on the...

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What is sleep, and why do all organisms with lifespans over a day or so require it? The topic is...

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How to Sleep

The author, an M.D., speaks first-hand of the pressure to go without sleep for long durations...

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There’s no escape from it, media in all their forms permeate every nook and cranny of our...

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About Love to Discuss

Welcome to Love to Discuss … a place for those who love to discuss all things nonfiction.

The genesis of this forum was a topic discussion that began at a third place outside Boston. A group of 10 or so people meet each month to talk about one of the themes you see posted here on this site. While some of us are avid readers, others prefer articles, podcasts or simply bringing their own knowledge of the topic to the discussion.

This site was created for people who wanted to participate, but lived too far to join in person. My hope is you enjoy your time here, and I encourage your thoughts or suggestions. Feel free to visit my personal website to learn more about other work I do.

Your curator … Mike