Our topic for March, 2019 is “Always On” (always connected, that is, rather than always projecting a persona when interacting). What is that balance of technology connect and disconnect, given technology has become increasingly central to our livelihoods? Is a balance even possible? A few years ago I thought about that long and hard, as I chose this to be the theme of a 3-day individual silent retreat I took here at the Genesis Spiritual Life & Retreat Center in Westfield, MA. For what it’s worth, this is the list I came up with before I plunged back with both feet into the technology vortex:

Turn phone off at night.

Have single email notification stream – see if easier to read all accounts combined or separately.

Remove email widget from phone.

Start work emails no earlier than 8:30, ideally 9am?

Turn phone off during Spiritus (i.e., contemplative) time

Take all email/calendar/google off tablet – just have entertainment/spiritual apps.

Manually schedule spiritus and high tea – make sure there’s always a block reserved even if move a day or hour.

Address emails in blocks of time (really hard to do, I know).

Have no notifications on laptop if possible, check email in blocks -> follow this with break to start new task with clear head.

Here’s this month’s starter list below. Lots of fascinating areas to explore …