Spending my usual hour or two finding curated books, articles and podcasts for each month’s nonfiction discussion topic, I find much joy immersing myself in topics both new and familiar, always uncovering nuggets of insight. This month’s topic on cars is vast, yet here’s a book by two South Korean brothers (at least one of whom is an auto industry analyst) that is the one I plan to read for our next discussion. Why? just flip through the table of contents – Empire 1: Volkswagen AG, Empire 2: General Motors, Empire 3: Toyota, etc.

The automotive industry is a tightly-knit web of multiple industries in an array of nations. During the early automotive industry days, war helped drive the advances, with hundreds of companies vying to be the best.

After an infinite amount of mergers and acquisitions, the industry is regarded as being monopolized so that only the strong will survive. With unique industry manufacturing products that ride a thin line between consumer goods and industrial goods, it’s important that companies own more than one brand in order to compete. These kinds of changes will ensure things progress further. […]