Book: Biblio Tech – Why Libraries Matter more than ever in the Age of Google – John Palfrey (Head of School, Philips Andover)

Fascinating, easy to read description of the evolution and future of digital rights management as the core theme defining how libraries will evolve. Those libraries that balance the physical and online fluidly, will not just survive but thrive.

  • Boston was first large city in world with free, public access to all its citizens. Free to All etched above entrance. Major transformation in progress with Philip Johnson designed wing.
  • Issue of libraries is they need to address full spectrum of all paper to all digital.
  • Ferals – non librarians working at libraries.
  • Data Rot – 1 to 10 pct of CDs at LOC already have serious data issues. MB Thought: does issue go away with cloud? Redundancies, browsers for every conceivable device. But, court records created digital then printed for storage out of fear losing data. Not to mention cyber attack risk.
  • kids having to do assignments in parking lots, mcds, Starbucks as don’t have internet at home. Gates foundation push brought to 92% of libraries.
  • libraries offer a low key, accessible, usually open learning environment for people usually to old or busy for school.
  • Libraries provide essential contemplative spaces, support and camaraderie, librarians as guides to the best resources. Shift from places where information is used to places where created. Helsinki library 10 information had station 2 self serve pumps with help nearby. Mb thought as self serve with some full serve pumps? Look at airline check in.
  • On-site programs at NYC up 40 pct last 10 years. Places can check out everything including Monty the therapy dog. Nicole used to check out art at Oberlin. Chris got job via maker lab. Mentions you media lab on Chicago space for hanging out and geeking around.
  • Sweet spot where physical and digital, fun and learning come together.
  • InnerstarU American girl best online education environment he’s seen.
  • Scannabegos … Digitize content.
  • concerns DPLA would undercut traditional library funding.
  • Hacking libraries … Libraries as a platform, each library a node on the network. Eg Minuteman.
  • first sale doctrine 1908 – rights conferred to creator/copyright owner. Once sold can’t stop resale, lending, rental, transfer. No transposition into digital sphere. Buy-to-unglue model for ebooks. Orphan works problem – millions of books don’t know copyright holder but fine is up to $150k per infraction.
  • Author’s biggest concern is Google, Amazon, etc will figure it out all for profit.