A short, thoughtful piece on purpose … in this case, achieving it within the confines of a prison, but applicable to each of us no matter where are along our life journey.

Life is all about choices and chances. When someone in society does something wrong in the eyes of the law, they have to face the consequences. Paying a debt to society by serving time in state or federal facilities is never anyone’s first choice, but depending on the persons frame of mind it can be a chance to blossom and grow. There are so many things an individual can learn and take advantage of while in jail that can sometimes be out shined by the horror stories and sadness of being away.

I recall the day that my procrastination stopped and my progression began. I started to actively go to the law library to study. I found how different bills, laws and officials came about. I researched what some would call loop holes and inconsistencies. The new information clouded my brain and gave me a sense of purpose. Sitting in the library all day became a routine and for once while in jail, as crazy as this sounds, I enjoyed it. Now don’t get me wrong, I would have much rather been being this productive as a free man. But I knew that if I never went to jail and never had that kind of time to myself I wouldn’t be the man I am today.