OK, so while this is an incredible list of 100 innovations that were spawned from within academia, the lens I was looking through this was that of Massachusetts-based universities, as I’ve been a proud resident here the past thirty years. I’ll let you peruse this list, nudging gently to note the remarkable number of life-changing products that originated right here in the Bay State.

Some might poke fun at academic research or doubt the necessity of it, but the reality is that the products of university research impact our lives on a daily basis, often in ways we don’t even realize. From the Internet to the nicotine patch, many amazing innovations were the products of professors and students working at universities around the world. Some of these innovations have changed the world, others have saved lives, but all have had a significant impact on life throughout the past decades. Here, we share just a few of those important innovations that come to us courtesy of the hard work of academics and researchers from universities and colleges all over the world.