A short, sweet rubric on leadership essentials. Commonsense, but worth a review given this is a distillation from someone who spent 25+ focused on this area.

Leaders are the same as everyone else–they make mistakes, stray from the path and compromise their effectiveness because of ego, pride, or insecurity.

When you attain a leadership title, it simply gives you the opportunity to become a leader, so don’t mistake it for validation that you’ve already arrived. All a title does is buy you time–time to earn influence or to lose it, to get the job done or to fall short. Understand that titles are not the end but the beginning of leadership.

Many positions involve some degree of authority–police officer, judge, teacher, coach, parent. But even for people in those positions, leadership is not about authority or power. It is instead cultivated through character, competence, consistency and compassion–traits that allow you to earn influence. And influence, not authority, is the foundation of successful leadership.