Not much to add here for commentary, except to note I’m in awe at the sheer beauty of these designs – both visually, and in terms of their potential to move beyond sustainability and toward regeneration (If you’re interested, here’s a link to a video I recorded on the topic about 10 years ago).

Green roofs, energy-conserving facade designs, natural ventilation and lots of living plants are just a few ways in which architects are infusing sustainability into all sorts of new building projects around the world. These 12 examples are futuristic concepts as well as structures that are actually being built, including vertical farm towers, biosphere offices, and air pollution-cleaning towers.

A 120-meter-tall tower envisioned for Miami features energy-generating ‘feathers’, an aquarium and an artificial ‘ecosystem’ full of nature that would provide lots of oxygen to the city. Avis Magica was conceptualized for a competition to build an iconic structure addressing urban pollution. The living tower is filled with plants, water, birds and insects.