We are water

I write these words overlooking the ocean from an island off Portland, Maine.

Water is the source of all life. Our bodies are portable “oceans” carried onto land, as we contain the same percentage salinity as found in the seas. Growing up, I wondered if the water evaporates into space, eventually leaving us a barren planet. It turns out all the water we have now has been here from virtually the beginning.

Though comforting to know, challenges involving water distribution, efficiency and quality are the defining issues of our time.

READING/LISTENING STARTERS (Feel free to find your own)


  • How do we put a value on things?
  • If water is so essential, why is it so cheap? By contrast, diamonds are non-essential so why are they so expensive?
  • How do you price and regulate water?
  • How safe is our water?
  • How will populations adapt in areas of the USA where there won’t be sufficient water?
  • Is it fair to shift water from areas where scarce to those where abundant (for example, water used to grow crops/raise livestock)?