This is one to get us all thinking more deeply about the notion of lifelong learning. How is that concept going to be defined as lifespans approach 150 years? This is not as far-fetched as it appears, in fact a few months ago there was a large billboard on the Massachusetts Turnpike (a.k.a., “The Pike”) inbound to Boston that noted a child born today is expected to live to be 150 … and of course, you need lots of the insurance they sell to ensure a long, long, happy life.

Scientists expect people to live routinely to 100 in the coming decades, and as long as 150. Which also suggests a much longer working life lasting well into the 70s, 80s, and even 100, according to researchers with Pearson and Oxford University.

That includes an even harder time balancing new blood and experience, and sussing out the best basic education for lives probably traversing numerous professions. “How will we ever prepare someone in 16 years for a 100-year career?” Pearson’s Amar Kumar tells Axios.

It’s impossible for a child to learn all the necessary higher-order skills even with an eight-year graduate university education. Instead, people will return to college again and again to refresh their mind.¬†[…]