Good insights into the vast range of emotions one experiences when “leveling up” – by that, stretching and growing as a person in ways that bring you to entirely new, higher levels of being. To achieve this involves a deep sense of purpose, awareness of rollercoaster-like emotions, and acceptance that once you achieve the next level the journey begins yet again.

Unlike dopamine which only lasts short-term, confidence is something you own, once you’ve earned it. Short-term pleasure and long-term joy are two fundamentally different outcomes.

Once you’ve begun succeeding at any endeavor, you’ll reach a threshold where you must decide if you’re ready to go to the next level. Most people get comfortable at a certain stage because they don’t want to deal with the emotional purging involved in up-leveling.

All of a sudden, the confidence you used to have feels completely gone. You’re now wondering if you want to do this whole math thing… or whatever it is you’re doing. Despite having a firm foundation, you feel like you’re standing on nothing, and that everything around you is falling apart.

Have you up-leveled lately? If so, this list of 13 will be familiar. […]