A well-articulated tour through some of the most important technologies that permeate our kitchens – how they came to be through addressing needs of their time, then evolving and in some cases completely transforming as yet new technologies came together.

I’m surprised too at how far back some of these devices go (for example, both the first toaster and electric kettle were developed in 1893).

Modern kitchens are outfitted with an enormous amount of technology . Much of this tech represents the combined efforts of countless inventors, engineers, and scientists across the centuries. Without the following appliances, our kitchens would be far less efficient and safe than they are today.

The creation of the first electric oven is often credited to Thomas Ahearn, whose oven was used in Ottawa’s Windsor Hotel in 1892. William Hadaway’s 1892 patent for an electric stove also included an oven design, which is widely credited as the first patent for an electric oven.

While the first patents for electric egg-beaters, whisks, and mixers appeared in the 1850s, it wasn’t until 1908 that Herbert Johnson invented the first electric stand-mixer. He was inspired by watching a baker mixing dough with a metal spoon, and set to work on creating one of the most iconic home baking appliances still available today. […]