A fascinating look into the legendary Tate Museum (there are now four branches, actually), through the eyes of its current director, Dr. Maria Balshaw. In particular, the article describes how critical it is to understand and address the emergent needs of the “digital native”, under age 30 audience, as core to enabling the museum to thrive in the 21st century.

Balshaw (Tate Museum Director) believes the most pressing issue currently facing the museum sector globally is getting the balance right. ‘I think by being brave and more experimental, we are the more likely to connect with new audiences. Personally, I am not satisfied with the demographics of the audiences that we currently see. They have got better, but they are not where I would like to see them.’

She added: ‘I am interested in how we might think about running museums as if they were tech companies, not to become tech companies, but to learn the skills and techniques of getting work done in those business – they are globally distributed, very infrastructure light but their connectivity is strong – people are rarely in the same room when they are making decisions and working together. There is a lot we can learn from that space.’