Most of us have long been fascinated by the incredibly diverse forms of what we call museums. What first comes to mind for me is the role of museum as cultural repository and catalyst to connect and advance society. Right behind that, I would say the density and richness of information of museums expand our minds at many levels – including emotion, logic and soul.

April, 2018 is our two-year anniversary since forming the Nonfiction Topic Group (here’s a link to our first discussion topic, on water). Since then, I’ve grown appreciative of the purpose and importance of curation (even at the micro level of maintaining this web site!), and how important it is to frame/distill information to affect people who come at the topic from many perspectives.

With Museums serving us in such important ways, how do they get off the ground, keep running, and be resilient as evolving culture and technologies push the boundaries of what it means to be a museum? Thus the topic question for this month – what is the business of a museum? Just as museums already provide deep contributions that advance our culture, how can we apply lessons from their business models to help our economies (an more broadly, our societies) thrive?

Here’s this month’s starter list …