Our June topic covered Behavioral Economics, an emergent, powerful discipline blending psychology and economics in ways that touch every facet of of our lives. In fact, Daniel Kahneman (whose book is noted below) won the 2002 Nobel Prize for work he and Amos Tversky did to advance the discipline.

I’ll go out on a limb and describe this as a “technology” for it represents yet another extension of who we are. In that sense, though this technology is being used in powerful ways both to improve lives (for example, algorithms to help ensure people stay on fitness routines or take their medications as prescribed), this same technology encourages us to desire and consume far more than is needed for a good life (would you like a super-size drink to go with your super-size fries?).

Technology is a tool, and has no judgement to offer. It’s really all up to us to determine what kind of future we want to live. With that, here’s the topic starter list: