This article provides an amusing perspective on yet another form of addiction. In this case, a love of hoarding books (guilty), many of which never get read (moderately guilty – a good 75%+ actually do get read). The Japanese have a term for this – Tsundoku; and it turns out this is pretty much what the word “Bibliophile” originally meant.

At the end of the article, the author asks how would this apply for Kindle users (slightly higher percentage completion rate for me in this case – about 85%). While it’s a relief to finally part with the over 3,000 books I once had squirreled away throughout our former home, through the wonders of our interlibrary loan network I have a handful of printed books and “only” have 150 books on Kindle – mostly acquired for $1 or less via BookBub, or via Amazon where books prior to 1923 are not covered by copyright protections and so are in the public domain.

Link to the article.