This topic is close to the heart for all of us … Education. But where to start? For everything thing we think, say and do involves some form of teaching and learning (or ignoring!).

Project-based Learning (PBL) is one pedagogical approach I’m told is becoming popular here in the USA, so naturally I went to Wikipedia to learn more. This passage below stood out for me, as John Dewey’s words ring crystal-clear true 120 years later:

 John Dewey initially promoted the idea of “learning by doing”. In My Pedagogical Creed (1897) Dewey enumerated his beliefs regarding education: “The teacher is not in the school to impose certain ideas or to form certain habits in the child, but is there as a member of the community to select the influences which shall affect the child and to assist him in properly responding to these…….I believe, therefore, in the so-called expressive or constructive activities as the centre of correlation.”

Here’s this month’s starter list: