Coming off the heels of a fascinating discussion this month on Being Analog, I mentioned reading this article about Moleskine, the now ubiquitous notebook maker founded in 1997. The company’s founder, Maria Sebregondi, recalls how she used these types of notebooks while in school and was dismayed to learn the last manufacturer shut down in 1986.

Moleskine positions itself as on the “forefront of the analog-digital continuum.” Having used these notebooks for many years, I can attest to how pen and paper can help bring a creative centeredness and clarity to note taking – particularly with face-to-face conversation. The end result, I’d like to think, is to help foster a richer dialog with the person I’m engaging with. That said, after a meeting I will often transpose what I wrote into a note-taking app such as Workflowy, and take a photo or two of key sketches which then automatically get uploaded to Google Photos. Come to think of it, I guess they are at the forefront of the analog-digital continuum!