Our lives become digitized at an increasingly rapid pace. In many ways, this brings comfort and clarity to our analog lives. For example, I long dreaded taking a taxi for any reason – finding a cab company, speaking with an overloaded dispatcher, waiting longer than expected for the cab to arrive, calling the now-angry dispatcher asking where my cab is, and on and on.

By contrast, last week I spent seven hours on a tarmac at the Fort Lauderdale Airport as my flight landed moments after the tragic airport shooting took place. Around 1am I finally walked with my luggage to a main boulevard, where within one minute of pressing a button on my smartphone I had an Uber driver arrive to take me to my hotel. The transaction was completely seamless, I knew exactly the fare, expected arrival time, and my credit card was automatically charged once I arrived.

That said, there are overwhelming if not dark implications tied to the digital world we live in, which we get to read experience abundantly throughout our day. This month’s topic is not going there; rather, our focus is on the analog world – how it’s alive and well, and shows early signs of a beautiful renaissance. To me, these examples illustrate resilience and adaptation, while bringing together the best of digital and analog to form something new and lasting.

Here’s this month’s starter list …