Frank Lloyd Wright, arguably America’s greatest architect and protagonist for Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead, has long informed my world view about design, nature, philosophy, education … and on and on. Considered a true genius and “renaissance man” by many, he was both a beloved and polarizing figure as he journeyed through a long and fruitful life. He is one of those extraordinary individuals who left the world he touched a much better place than when he got there, for which I and untold millions remain most grateful.

This month’s starter list naturally is a long one, reflecting the long and diverse life he lived. I’ve tried to share a blend of all media types, and if you’re pressed for time the PBS Documentary below provides a wonderful peek into the mind and ethos of FLLW (as Frank Lloyd Wright often signed his work), and the powerful synergies that led to the creation of America’s most famous house.