Atlas Obscura: The Strange Affliction of ‘Library Anxiety’ and What Librarians Do to Help. It’s a real phenomenon, and Ivy League librarians are fighting it. By Ella Morton AUGUST 04, 2016

Having grown up in the world of analog libraries with minimal college library transition issues (first UCLA, then McGill), I found this article to be highly informative. Kids today growing up with instant access to so much information at their fingertips, coupled with a single town/neighborhood or school library, can experience incredible anxiety in part because large colleges have many libraries – each often devoted to a single area of expertise.

I remember being thrilled with learning so many specialized libraries could exist on a single campus, in particular having marveled how McGill’s School of Library Science could have its own, waycool library. There, I could study away, or just explore new things. Now I see how that can be a source of intimidation.

I wonder if Pokemon Go metaphors will emerge, where a student doing a “search for a topic” will not only see a Google map aerial view with overlays showing the campus libraries (and specific location within each) that contain material relevant to the search, but also incorporating a gamification element to reward the seeker for visiting the most libraries while tracking down these search results.

Here’s the link to the article.