NY Times: Want to Work in 18 Miles of Books? First, the Quiz

The Strand Bookstore remains a much-beloved institution in New York City, continuing to thrive while so many other stores have closed. The article describes the test all applicants must take to be hired. A simple, fascinating tool that I admit makes me nervous just thinking how with the thousands of books I read in my lifetime, the likelihood of my passing the test is very, very slim.

I remember first walking through what seemed to be row after row of stacks in the 1980’s, straight out of college with no job at the time, never having even seen New York before moving there just a week before … then stumbling across this magnificent oasis for book lovers. The Strand (and the old Barnes and Noble flagship store nearby) provided critical anchors of sanity and discovery as I began my new life chapter. It’s wonderful, and amazing to see such an institution remains alive and well!

Here’s the link to the article.